Demain is a Ray of Hope for a Better Tomorrow

Isn’t a feel-good story the best way to tackle environmental crisis?


Experts have been predicting what global warming can do to our planet. However, no one’s ever tried to focus on solutions to curb the dreaded phenomenon. French actress Melanie Laurent and her friend Cyril Dion after confirming the dire warnings by experts about the state of the biosphere, felt people needed hope. This led to the making of Demain (Tomorrow), their feelgood film.

Focusing on solutions rather than the problem, the film highlights various techniques and elucidations that can change the world for the better. Reports suggest that more than a million people have flocked to see it in France alone. The film has also witnessed positive sentiments and enthusiasm in Belgium and Switzerland, receiving standing ovations wherever it showed.

Termed to be a breath of fresh air, the film was also awarded the Cesar – or “French Oscar” – for the best documentary of the year. The users of the France’s top film website have given “Demain” the highest rating of any documentary in its 13-year history. Now isn’t this a true source of inspiration and hope for the generations to come?