Careem Approved in Jordan, Creation of 10,000 Jobs is Now Possible

Charging extra , smoking and refusing destinations are things of the past!

Careem app approved

After encountering big challenges to enter the Jordanian market, including several government crack down on rides … On-demand application, Careem, is finally officially licensed to operate in Jordan along with other competitors who share the same business model such as Uber and Easy Taxi … A move by the Jordanian government that will surely give the entrepreneurial ecosystem good vibes and encourage entrepreneurs to stay and run their startups in Jordan, instead of moving to neighbouring countries …

The news came today from the Road Transport Regulatory Authority board in Jordan, granting Careem a six-month license to operate legally in Jordan.

Careem’s app helps address transport shortfalls in Amman while offering work to unemployed Jordanians, and has plans to create 10,000 jobs in the country over the next two years.

Jordanian facebook users shared and welcome this news on their accounts, with comments such as: “Finally, We won’t have to deal with drivers refusing certain destinations anymore”, “No more switching off the meter” …

Kudos to Jordan.