The Black Diamond Ring: Total Solar Eclipse Stuns Asia

The rare natural phenomenon takes place once in 30 years!

total solar eclipse

The black diamond ring, aka total solar eclipse captivated parts of Asia early Wednesday morning. The eclipse started shortly after sunrise in Indonesia, on Wednesday, March 9.

Thousands of enthusiastic eclipse viewers gathered in central Jakarta with their rectangular glasses and top-notch camera equipment to view the rare natural phenomenon. While some brought picnics with them, others climbed onto the observatory roof. Some also took accommodation on top of idle fire trucks to achieve the best view!

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun, covering the Earth. This happens once in 30 years only during the new moon phase, when the dark side of the moon faces the Earth.

However, for those who viewed the beautiful celestial were indeed lucky! While some proposed to their secret sweethearts, a few gathered there to watch this phenomenon as the last experience of their life on Earth. Each