Amazon’s Purchase of will be a good tiding for UAE and the company

Reports suggest that, Inc. plans to acquire Dubai-based retailer store,, for around $1 billion.

Souq acquired by Amazon

Over the years, has emerged as the top regional internet giant that sells almost 1.5 million products across 30 odd categories in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), attracting almost 45 million visits per month, with over 10,000 merchants.

While Amazon is yet contemplating the buyout bid for, if the deal goes through it would be welcome news for UAE residents and Amazon. Here are our top three reasons on how Souq’s acquisition will be beneficial for the e-commerce giant and UAE customers.

Easy access to goods: Though UAE residents can buy goods from Amazon’s US or UK sites, shipments take a while as the company doesn’t run its operations locally. With Amazon having a local presence, goods will be delivered to the customers faster helping customers receive goods in a short span of time.

Boost to business: Acquiring in the UAE would boost Amazon’s retail business and give it a swath of new loyal customers in the region.
Regional Expansion: From acquiring to varied other online platforms in the region, Amazon will have an opportunity to invest and create a strong foothold over customers in the Middle East.