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November 23, 2005

Is He Shy or Uninterested ?

I have a big problem and it's starting to drive me mad not knowing the answer. I'm in love with a guy who goes at the same school as me. I see him every day but we've never talked to each other, but we usually chat on MSN messenger, one or two times a week.
The problem is that I don't know if he is interested. He almost never writes to me first, 90% of the times I'm the one who starts chatting with him. That you could maybe see as a proof of him not being interested, but it's more complicated than that.

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November 21, 2005

Do I Wine Too Much ?

You see I am in love, but I've done things that were wrong, I've cheated and have not realized I was hurting myself and him . I do love him and he asked me to marry him and all. But there is one problem; every time I tell him how I feel, he thinks that I am arguing with him. He says that I wine too much! Does that mean that he doesn't love me or what?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:36 PM
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November 19, 2005

Do I Have a Chance With Him ?

I have a crush on this guy who is 2 years older than me. I like him a lot and I go to see his band play all the time and I get to see him a lot but I can't seem to talk to him without getting red in the face! My mom says that when she talked to him and he asked where I was at the last show he got red in the face to. His friends know I like him but he doesn't and that's not good enough for me. I need help! should I tell him?
And do you think I would have the chance, if so what do I do?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 03:04 PM
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November 18, 2005

I'm madly in love with this boy

Things aren't so well. I'm madly in love with this boy. I'm 13 and he is nearly 18, and I'm not sure if he's the right age for me, but i love him and i can't help it. Everyone thinks he is in love with me as well, but I'm not sure. Once i went down to a square to buy something and he was sitting in a cafeteria with his friends and they all looked at me, but at one point they stopped looking at me and he continued, and one other time i saw him in a Internet cafe, he looked at me and straight away said something to his friends, this happened loads of times!
What do you think?

Just In Love

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November 16, 2005

I Want to Get Close to Her

I like my new classmate, she is new in college.
How can i get close to her, as a friend or lover?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:57 PM
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November 15, 2005

It Rains Everytime I See Him !

I really like this guy and people say that it seems like love. I don't think he feels the same way about me though. I find it kind of weird but every single time i see him it rains. Does this mean anything?


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November 14, 2005

It Seems The Whole World is Fake

I wish to love, but i just can't find the right guy, it seems as if the whole world and people are fake, and no one loves for real, what should i do?
I am always shy around boys, and i don't talk to them, why?
What's happening to me?


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November 13, 2005

I Want to Win Him Back

There is this guy that i met through the dating side and i can't forget him.We met and we clicked so well but the problem was that every time i called him he would not answer his phone so i thought the best way was to separate. Ever in my life i have never loved someone like him. The moment i think about him i always cry, i miss him more each day. This is almost a year ever since we broke up. I want him back, what should i do? I know he feels the
same way too because he sent me something the other day and he always sends me messages, but he can't give himself in.

What should i do to win him back? Please help!


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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:06 PM
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November 11, 2005

Be Friends With Your Neighbor

My name is Jessy and i like a person who's 24 and he lives next block. I see him every single day, when I see him i feel like hugging him. My parents know his parents and they visit each other and they are cool with each other. I liked him ever since i was in the neighborhood and he didn't know that until last week! I had never talk to him or anything but i always ask about him. One day, my brother told me that he asked about me and he asked my brother if i like him, so my brother said yes. Now he's trying to talk to me!

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November 09, 2005

Should I Say Yes or No ?

I am 12 years old but i really like this 11-year-old guy he is so cute. A week ago he asked me out, and i said i would think about. Two days later i found out he had asked my friend out as well who is my age. But the shocking thing is that he asked her out before me and is still waiting for both of our answers. I really like him even though he is younger than me.
Please help!

Tammy Wilson

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Posted by H.A.R. at 05:30 PM
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November 05, 2005

They Say We'll Get Married One Day

I've known the guy I like for 5 years; I've liked him ever since then! I started telling people I like him. I also started telling him that I liked him, but when it didn't work out I just told everybody that I didn't like him. But now I can't keep it inside! I know he doesn't like me, but I keep getting these invisible hints that he does!
Me and a few friends went over to his house to watch a movie and I looked at him and then I turned back to the screen, out of the corner of my eye I could see him watching me, it was 5 wonderful seconds. And then we played truth or dare ...

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October 29, 2005

Two Different Daddies

My boyfriend and I had been dating on and off for 3 years. Well he moved to Jersey in August and I found out a month later that I was pregnant. At first he was real happy. Then he told his mom and she convinced him to ask me to get an abortion. I said yeah but I really am not going to do it. I broke up with him for it and he asked a girl out the very next day! ...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:12 PM
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October 27, 2005

I am hating this relationship

I got in a relation with a guy and I thought that he'll be the one I dreamed of, but what I got is the opposite. I feel he canít understand me and when Iím sad he canít understand what I'm sad about, I need emotions and love, I miss emotions with him sometimes, I feel that Iím turning to hate him.

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October 25, 2005

He Wants A Passive Woman

I have just ended a 1 year relationship. I loved this man very much but I think he was looking for a woman he could control. I wanted to go slow in the beginning of the relationship and he said within 2 months that he loved me and wanted to get married by next year. I told him lets just take it a day at a time. 8 months into the relationship he wanted me to cook for him, I told him in the beginning that I didnít cook.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:35 PM
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October 24, 2005

I am at my end, I give up!

I'm at my end and everyone is against me. My best friend wishes me dead, my ex. girl friend doesn't understand me, I don't know who I can trust and my Dad's a complete asshole, my mom isn't proud of me, my sister mistrusts me, I have no job, no money, no love Ö I give up!


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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:45 PM
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October 23, 2005

My Feelings Are Real For Him

I have been married for 19 years and met someone over six years ago. His name is Michael. We became somewhat intimate. We go on and off with our contact. Recently we started talking about "getting together".
That never transpired and I became too aggressive. So now Michael indicates he wants to be just friends. I am having severe trouble letting go. I have strong feelings for him. Last year I went to a psychic and she said we would be married in two years. My feelings are real for him. If I give him his space, do you think he'll return?


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October 20, 2005

I Just Want Out !

Everything I do is wrong, I try so hard to give my husband what he needs and he turns it down. I went in to have my wisdom teeth pulled this morning and all he did was grip at me and the dentist and when we got home you think he would help me, NO! I had to clean the house, take care of my 2 year old son, do laundry and when I told him my mouth was hurting he said itís not that bad!

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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:59 AM
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October 19, 2005

Issues Within The Family

June 2nd we were officially divorced after being married just short of 2 years. We still both are in love with the other but have issues within the family that make things hard. He has a married son with 2 kids, one on the way, and he cannot even feed them! They donít work and I have given them a lot of money, they also get a lot of money from their mother, they depend on everyone else to pay for their way.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:55 AM
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October 15, 2005

I Feel Suffocated By Him

How come a couple of months ago I thought that I had found Mr. Right and now all I see is how old he is (11 years older), and how he needs to be introduced to so many Ďfuní things, and how I feel suffocated by him?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 04:50 PM
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September 27, 2005

I Made A Huge Mistake !

I was going out with a woman for 6 years, we moved to separate areas of the country, but never stopped talking, mean while I got involved with another woman and she ended up becoming pregnant. A lot of things happened way too fast from there and the first lady and I were talking about getting back together, she said she loved me more than anything in the world, and I felt the same way. I ended up freaking out and marrying the second one, but realized that it was a huge mistake! I told the first one that I had made a mistake; got an immediate divorce and now the first one will not speak to me and says that she never really loved me in the first place. What do I do?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 06:55 PM
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September 21, 2005

A Girl Deserves Better

If you had a boyfriend and he told you that he loves you and one day you found him with another girl! You didn't tell him that you've seen what heís doing, and every day he tells you ĎI love youí, how would you feel?
Please, I want an answer to this.
Thank you a lot.


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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:28 AM
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September 19, 2005

He Dumped Me After a Week

A month ago I was going out with the guy of my dreams who I had liked for two years. I had a permanent smile on my face for a whole week and only a week, because he dumped me the week after. I always thought he was way better then me and way far out of my league, so thatís why I was ecstatic when he asked me.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:12 PM
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September 13, 2005

Does My Dad Love My Brother More ?

On my 11th birthday, I got to see my friends only and not my dad! I thought he did not want to see me and I really wanted him to be there and I guess he was at my brother's birthday and I heard that he forgot all about me! That made me feel sad.
So, does that mean my dad doesnít love me as much as my brother?


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September 12, 2005

We Broke up Before ...

My ex. and I are back together, he calls me his future girlfriend and to everyone he introduces me as his girlfriend! It's stupid.
I still love him and he tells me everyday that he still loves me, we spend time together a lot and he says that he wants to make things official but not right away because we need time. I don't know what I want, I mean we broke up for a reason and there was no trust and we were cheating on each other ...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:42 PM
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August 31, 2005

When you get rejected ...

What do you do when you have a huge crush on someone and they don't like you? Then you end up saying: ďI like youĒ, then you get rejected?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 08:39 AM
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August 30, 2005

Should I End The Relationship Now?

I had sex with my boyfriend. My boyfriend right now is my cousin's ex lover.
He wears a necklace that she gave him. But every time I see it, it bothers me so much I told him I donít like seeing it but he said that he wouldnít take it off. And every time itís the three of us he gives her just a little more attention than he gives me.
What do I do, is it time to end this?

Cry Baby

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August 26, 2005

I Love Them Both Equally !

I started dating my boyfriend as a senior in high school. At first we thought it was just for fun and temporary, even though we did love each other. We thought we would be breaking up at the end of the summer to attend different colleges. During the summer after graduation I became very close friends with my boyfriend's best friend. Eventually I found that we had a ton in common and over the summer we discovered we had feelings for each other. I let myself have feelings for him since I thought that my boyfriend and I would be breaking up soon anyway.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:57 AM
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August 24, 2005

This Shouldn't Have Ended This Way

There was this guy that I went out with not even a month. He was a nice guy but the problem was he used to talk about other girls which I used to hate so much. Especially when we are having a nice conversation he comes from no where and tells me about one of his ex-girlfriend's story and how he had a good time with her.

I wanted to tell him many times that this annoys me but I didn't want to show him that I care because I thought he didn't care. One day I got angry at him when he talked to me rudely and left the table. I was going to talk to him but then when I realized he didn't come the second day and ask me what's the matter. I thought he didn't care. I got hurt so much.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 12:24 PM
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August 11, 2005

Could He Still be Hung Up on His Wife?

I have been dating this guy now for three months. He is separated for three months now from his wife and he has two kids with her. So he pays a lot in child support. Iím confused about staying with him. I donít have any kids. Heís talking about starting a family one day, but he canít even afford to take me out. Iím confused. What should I do?

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August 07, 2005

I Can't Trust Men

I've always had trust issues with men (cheaters and liars), my whole life. This has made me an incredibly guarded person and now that I've met someone wonderful I don't know how to open up and let him in. Where do I start?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:42 PM
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August 05, 2005

I Want to Impress Her on The First Date

Well I have what I may call a problem. Here is a little but funny story.
I'm an African, but live and study here in Russia. Last week, I went to send money home through Western Union Money Transfer. There was a lady there. She was the person that attended to me. The way she was looking at me from the time I came there till the time I left, has left me confused.

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August 04, 2005

He Wants to Become A Priest

It was last year when I met my first boyfriend through common friends in a group. Everything was so perfect. We can talk about anything. We were both in love with each other. It was a good relationship filled with love and respect. But there was a sudden twist of fate when one day he told me his passion of becoming a missionary priest. My heart crashed! so I told him I have no right to question God. so I let him go because I don't want to be a hindrance to his call.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:29 AM
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August 03, 2005

Online Relationship

I met this guy online about 2 years ago. He asked me out 6 months after we met. Itís been a year and a half now since we've been going out. He's 16 like me.
Times have been pretty hard for us. We've had people trying to break us up and tear us apart. We got passed it but with many more thoughts of the future. We haven't even seen what each other look like yet, but we donít care. We love each other very much. He lives 3 hours away. Now the problem is; our parents. His parents are making him get rid of the Internet and my parents what him to send a picture. We talk on the phone for like an hour. Things are getting so much harder but I know he's my true love. What do I do? Is there a way to make our parents understand that we love each other? Please help.


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Posted by H.A.R. at 12:17 PM
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August 02, 2005

She Keeps Talking to Her Ex

I've been with my girlfriend for two years and a half. The only big issue I have with her is that she keeps on talking to her ex she was with for seven years. I don't mind if they talk sometimes but not constantly. If she has a problem with she goes to him to talk about it. I feel like she is comparing both of us. She even got to a point she was having second thought about our relationship because of him. I'm really confused now, what should I do?


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August 01, 2005

How Do I Ask Her Out?

cafe and a movie

I believe Iím in love with this girl I know. I can't tell if she likes me or not. Sheís also a friend of my sister, they both work in Wal-Mart. I always thought of her as the most popular girl in school and the girl that I would never be able to go out with. Before school ended she kept trying to talk to me but she never got the chance. Finally one day she came up to me and told me she didn't realize I was related to my sister. Those few words threw my off and I was speechless. Every time I talk to her I always run out of words to say. Somehow my sister found out that I liked her and decided to help me out by inviting her over. My question is how do I ask out this girl and how do I know if she likes me or not?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 03:39 PM
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July 30, 2005

I Can't Read That Good

I'm having a hard time talking to guys. Thereís this one guy that I like.
We work together. Not every day but every time I see him I what to be with him. I want him to hold me, Kiss me. Since I never had a boy friend before he was the first guy to kiss me. I know now why I get awkward around him. I want to tell him how I feel but I can't. You see I have a thing that I think that he will not like; I can't read/spell that good. I know people should like you for who you are, and that we all have something that we don't what someone to know. This is not the same thing, this is big. Sometimes I think thatís the only thing holding me back.

Tainted Love

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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:50 AM
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He Didn't Invite Me to The Parties

I had met this guy at church whom I was interested in. He had mentioned it to my friends about how much he likes me. He told me himself that he likes me. My problem is that I get so nervous when I get close to this guy; it makes me argue and act mean to him. That hurts his feelings and he confronts me about it. I do apologize any time he confronts me but it keeps happening over and over again. The only time I feel comfortable around him is when we both are on the phone. Just recently we had someone prank us. Just stalking both of us at the same time. I usually see his number on my caller ID, I asked him and he said it wasn't him. It got worse and I called him and went off on him.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:45 AM
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July 28, 2005

We Are Total Opposites

opposites attract

I have been married for 8 years and I don't know if I am in love with my husband or my ex-fiancť of 3 years. I am so confused I don't know what to do. I have strong feelings for both. My ex-fiancť and I were so compatible. My husband and I are total opposites. Help! I am so confused!

Confused Ė 29

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Posted by H.A.R. at 12:36 PM
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July 21, 2005

He is Becoming Careless

I have been with my boyfriend now for almost 7 years. We are High school sweethearts. Right now, I feel as though all the romance in this relationship is gone. He has gotten so comfortable with me that he no longer makes an effort to keep the spark between us alive. I watch romance movies hoping and dreaming that my guy would be like how he was before, but I've told him how I feel and he still hasn't done ANYTHING! What should I do? I still love him, but I feel like I'm stuck in a position that he can only get me out of! Pease help!


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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:59 AM
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July 20, 2005

I Don't Have The Courage

There was this girl in my class last year, and I never really had a conversation with her but sometimes we answered each otherís questions.
Anyway, I always catch her looking at me since the beginning of the year.
But in the last two months, she really was giving me signs so I can go and talk, but I did not have the courage, and I was thinking that it was just me who thinks that she cares about me, and I was always afraid of rejection. So over the summer break, I sent her an email telling her that I care about her and need her, but she did not respond until about a month later, and her reply was "are you the guy in my class?"
Please help me on what to do and what to say. Thank you!


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Posted by H.A.R. at 12:40 PM
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July 19, 2005

His Family Hates Me But I Love Him

Iím confused; I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. Iím engaged, as this is what I wanted at the beginning. But his family hated me, and we had a lot of ups and downs we have also went through times where we hardly see each other because heís been at college although heís just finished. But he wants me to marry him one day and I really donít want to, because I feel I have had a married life and I found it boring.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 12:35 PM
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July 18, 2005

He Shook My World!

My life has never been that messy! I feel down, lonely, and all negative feelings you can imagine! I broke up with my first love three years ago and since then I have been so confused. I got over him but my heart hasn't been knocked that soft knock which can bring an earthquake to your heart and the entire world. There have been lots of knocks but not the one I was looking for. I am not of that kind who can love easily, even the thought of me tasting it again was hard to accept, till a week ago while I was organizing an event in another city and there he was staring into my eyes in a way that shook my entire world ...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 03:53 PM
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July 13, 2005

Butterflies in my Stomach


What does it mean whenever I see my ex boyfriend I get butterflies in my stomach?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 08:20 AM
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He Already Has a Girlfriend

I have a problem. You see my boyfriend and I broke up about 3 months ago. Then his friend started talking to me. Only problem is, he has a girlfriend. So we start talking, hanging out (he has a long distance relationship) and then we moved on and started kissing. We haven't taken it any further but I wanted to know if I should continue with this or just move on. I like him a lot and I can tell he likes me, but I think that the only reason why I keep doing this is because I can't find anyone for myself right now. All of my friends know, and some of his do too. I need help.


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July 12, 2005

My Marriage is Falling Apart

My relationship is falling apart. I have been married for almost 3 years. I knew my husband 1 year before my marriage. So I know him for 4 years. He was a nice, touchy, loving guy, but right after our marriage he has totally changed. He always pick on small things and fights with me. He always likes to yell at me and doesnít like it at all if I talk back to him.
He has told me he never wants to have sex with me or anyone and he doesn't want to have a baby either. I kept quiet thinking that things may get better one day. Now he is also telling me that he wants to break up our marriage.

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July 11, 2005

I'm a female in trouble

I started seeing this guy that I had a crush on for several years. It was the best time of my life. I was certainly falling in love with him. Well, he had to go away for a while. He went away for about 6 months. He's back now, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of him. I only know he's back because everyone has seen him but me. I don't know whether I should call him or forget him. I can't stop thinking about him. It hurts to think that he doesn't want to talk to me. What should I do?

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Posted by H.A.R. at 06:13 PM
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Mind & Heart Conflict

My name is Lee-lee and I am in love with this boy and he truly loves me deeply, but the only thing is that I donít have feelings like I use to do about him but I want him but my heart says no and my mind says yes that I need him and I donít know what to do about that. I told him that I need sometime apart so I could get my mind together and I donít know how long Iím going to take, but he want leave me alone for a quite little while and thatís pushing me farther away from him and I donít want that ...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 06:11 PM
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July 09, 2005

I Love Her & Don't Have The Nerve To Tell Her

confused lover

I've known Kristie for two years now. We both are art majors and enjoy different world cultures and good food. Ever since we met in Life Drawing class during a summer session, we've been good friends. We've gotten to know one another real well early on by asking each other's goals, what we hope and fear of in this world, and what we each were like as children. We enjoy one another's company and there's always a rosy glow in her face and a sparkle in her eyes whenever I am listening to her speak. The moment she walked in class, I immediately thought she was and IS the prettiest woman I have ever seen. Now that I've known her as a friend, she is the most beautiful person I have ever known.

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July 08, 2005

I Want to Tell Him Before He Leaves

There is this boy at school that I have liked for over a year now (he is also my best male friend). I could kind of tell he liked me but his closest friend just told me that he has strong feelings for me. I really do love him but he told his friend that he wouldnít tell me because he is afraid to say it to me because he thinks it will ruin our friendship and if anyone says anything it needs to be me.

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My Boyfriend & I Live Together

I am 19 years old, I have had a boyfriend for about one year and half. We are in love and we are best friends we talk to each other about everything. I ran away from home to be with him, and we live together now. We do everything together, he trusts me and I trust him too. We are in love. The problem is that if I do something wrong he yells for about 5 to10 minutes and I get mad and go to the next room and cry ...

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