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July 06, 2005

I Really Feel Like Kissing Him

love hearts

Recently I have been feeling really confused about a guy mate of mine who I've known for about 2 years. When I'm with him I feel really weird. I've found when we all sit on the tables in the form room I seem to find Iím sitting myself close to him so we are touching and looking at him a lot. The thing is I don't feel attracted to him physically and he's not the kind of guy I usually like. But today I found I really wanted to kiss him.
I really don't think that he likes me but I really need help because I'm confused and I don't know what to do. I really don't want to ruin our friendship because he is a really good mate.


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He Cheated on Me With an Older Woman

I broke up with my boyfriend because he cheated on me. I am falling in love with a guy whom I met over the net. He is a Trinidadian like myself. He has a child who lives in Trinidad. I have met with him and his family. He is talking about marriage. He is 29. Now I am falling back in love with my ex. My ex wasnít nice to me. He cheated with a woman with 2 children, she is much older than him. She got pregnant for him twice.
What do I do? Should I give up both men and get my life back in order. I pray that one day I would forget about all of this and start over. But I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years, 7 months and 2 weeks. How could he not love me? I donít know what to do again.


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July 05, 2005

Feelings for a Younger Guy

weird love

I met this guy a few months ago and we became very close. He always calls me or I call him. The problem is that I started having feelings for the guy but he is younger than me. Secondly, I donít know if he likes me because we are not staying in the same hometown. I have told him once before that I like him a lot and that we could try to work something out and he has been nice to me, always ďsmsingĒ me or calling me in the night, but he never told me how he feels. Should I tell him again how I feel about him or should I just let go and be friends as it was before?


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Satanic Stuff

I am so sad and I am so alone. I need anyone who can understand me. I donít know why I am sad! There is no reason, I am so bored and I canít be happy in anything, I am always in a bad mood and I am so interested in satanic stuff maybe thatís the reason to my crazy and bad mood but I really wish that I can find a solution to my problem.


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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:48 AM
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I Don't Want My BoyFriend to Know

I was involved with a guy while I was at high school for a year (last Year), so this year I came to university & met someone that I love very much now. The problem is I donít love my high school boyfriend any longer, but he still loves me. I donít know how to tell him that Iíve lost feelings for him.
Please help. (I love my current boy friend and donít want him to find out about this).


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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:47 AM
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July 04, 2005

I'm a Lesbian & I Love Her

Iím an 18-year-old lesbian and I was wondering ok if an ex calls u while her girl ain't there is that like weird i mean because my ex did that and Iím like ok she is calling to talk as more then a friend because if she was calling as just a friend you'd think she'd call while her girl was there ...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 03:55 PM
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Only 3 Days & I'm in Love

I was with this guy only for 3 days I didn't like him at first but now I am in love with him. after we broke up I would talk to him every single day, my feelings tell me that he cares for me but after he went to another state he doesn't even ask about me. I feel hurt because though he doesn't love me I have these really strong feelings for him. I know I should forget him but I always see dreams and signs telling me not to leave him. Though he considers us friends my question is do I stay and how do I know if he loves me back but doesn't want to show it?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 03:53 PM
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My Boyfriend or My Best Friend?

I have been best friends with this guy for almost 10 years. We have been to college, to vacations etc. together. ONLY as friends. In the past he used to like me for a brief while but I never saw him as a man as I do now. He was younger then and not my type or so I thought. And the physical attraction was not there.
Anyhow, we moved in together because of problems in my house and I needed to get away.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 03:52 PM
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July 02, 2005

What Should I Do Next?

I love a guy who I think loves me too. I told his best friend who is mine too and he told me that he is free and he is searching. He is with me at school and I watch him every day and his best friend told me that he was coming to ask me out but something happened and changed his mind. His best friend wants me to tell him my feelings but I am not sure if he will accept that because we are not so close to know if he likes me or not. What can I do next, should I tell him without fear or do something else? Please tell me, I am so in need for your advice as soon as possible.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:31 AM
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June 29, 2005

She Has a Crush on Another Boy

I have been dating this girl for 2 years now, and we are just now experiencing a problem. It seems she still has a "crush" on a boy she has known since 1st grade. She says her feelings are strong for the both of us. This guy doesnít want her for a girlfriend but she continues to feel this way after all these years. She doesnít want to like him and neither do I want her to, so is there any suggestions on what to do about this.


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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:50 AM
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A Ghost From The Past

Iím madly in love with this guy. We are both in love, until one day I decided that our relationship couldnít go on, because my family doesnít know about it.
He begged me to stay and said that he wants to marry me and call my father and explain that he wants to marry me, but I said no way because at that time I was way too young only 14 years and so that idea went completely out the window. He was 18 at that time. We havenít spoken for 4 years and I just want to know if he is still alive and if he is okay...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:32 AM
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June 27, 2005

Who Will Say It First?

I love her a lot, I know that she also loves me a lot, but the problem is, who will say it first. We both want to say, she is thinking that I will say at first, me also thinking like that, any way Iíll wait some more days also, after that I will say it to her, if she say no, I can't even imagine that...may be she also thinking like this. Thatís the problem between us.


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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:07 AM
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He Acts Nervous Around Me

There is this guy that I've had a major crush on and I finally got the nerve to talk to him. I found out that he really likes me too. I gave him my number. Problem is when heís around me he acts really nervous like I am going to bite him. I know he likes me, but what's the problem?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:03 AM
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June 25, 2005

I'm Not Sure About His Feelings

My problem isn't usual I think. I am attracted to a guy that is in my class and I think that he loves me. I asked him more than one time ďwhom do you loveĒ? But he didn't anything. And even if he loves me I don't think he will tell me because I am the ex girlfriend of his best friend and he thinks that he needs permission from my ex boyfriend or he thinks that I still love his best friend. What shall I do? Shall I tell him my feelings even if I am not sure about his feelings or shall I ask him another time or do something else?
Please tell me.


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She Might Think I'm Ugly!

Thereís this girl at my school that use to stare at me a lot and I started to like her but then she stopped! But I want to talk to her and Iím too shy to say hi because she might think Iím ugly!


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Posted by H.A.R. at 07:01 PM
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June 24, 2005

Lovers Only When We Are Alone

I have known him since 12 years, he is my class but since a year we became best friends. Even he isn't my type, I loved him because I was alone and he showed me that he's interested about me too but he didn't say any word. When we are alone he appreciates me and acts as lovers but with friends he stays acting as a friend -just friends-. But after the summer he became another person ...

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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:06 AM
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June 23, 2005

I Don't Want to Hurt Him

This guy really likes me and he asked me out. I said yes, because I didnít want to hurt his feelings. I do not like him the way he likes me and I just want to be friends. My friends always get us to hug and kiss, but it just doesnít feel right to me. I still want to be friends but I donít want to hurt his feelings, what should I do?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 04:00 PM
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June 22, 2005

They Only Like Me for My Looks

I have a problem; every guy I go out with only likes me for my looks. How do I get at least one guy to like me for who I am?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 12:33 PM
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June 21, 2005

Don't Want Things to Become Awkward

I have REALLY liked my friend for about six months now, he doesnít know that
I like him, but I am afraid to tell him or do anything because we see each other almost every day, and I do not want things to become awkward. He is two years older than me (which is another reason why Iím afraid to tell him, he may think Iím ok as a friend, but nothing more) I donít know what to do anymore, I keep liking him more and more, and I know I need to tell him, I just donít know how.
Can you help me? Should I tell him? And how?


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June 18, 2005

Friends with Benefits

I have a problem. I have been dating this guy. We have known each other for about 3 months, he is 21 and I am 25, and he calls us just friends. Although we talk all the time on the phone and when we talk for hours and laugh and I just have a really awesome time every time we hang out which is like 3 or 4 times a week. We go out clubbing and drinking and dancing.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 04:26 PM
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Should I Send Her Flowers?

I know a woman that was introduced to me by a family member. We both work from the same company but at different locations. Every time she sees me or I talk to her she starts to either get nervous or begins to blush. I want to send her flowers even though I have only known her for a little over 2 months. I have not asked her for her phone number nor had an actual date with her due to work conflicts at the present time.
Should I send flowers to signal some sort of intent or would that be too much?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 09:46 AM
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June 17, 2005

Blood is thicker than water

My girlfriend and I have had a stormy relationship for 4 years. The fact of the matter is we both love each other. The issue is her daughter of 27 years.
Verbally attacked her, says she hates me and will not ever speak to her mom again as long she is with me. Her daughter has made some poor choices herself and her mom always supported her. Given no choice my girlfriend will have to choose between her daughter and me, blood is thicker than water.

Is the daughter being selfish?
Should I leave the relationship now?


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June 11, 2005

I'm Living a Routine

I feel like dying. I am 31 and I donít have anyone in my life. Iím living a routine.


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Posted by H.A.R. at 10:11 AM
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June 10, 2005

I am Too Shy & Can't Tell Him

I love this guy he is a far cousin of mine since 4 years ago. He sometimes holds my hand and sometimes I really think he loves me. When we travel he comes and stays with us because he is a good friend of my brother but then they had a little argument and donít talk that much now. Now when I see him I feel like telling him I love him,
I really do love him but I canít tell him that I love him, I am too shy and I am too scared to tell him incase I get hurt.
I donít know what to do and everyday I see him I get too shy to even tell him hi.

Please tell me what to do?


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June 09, 2005

I Fell in Love With My friend's Ex !

I fell in love with the ex-friend of a good friend. He loves me too but I am afraid that my friend wouldn't talk to me anymore if I start a relationship with him. My friend says that she wants me to start with him a relationship and that she would be glad if we are a couple but I don't believe in her words. I don't know what to do. Please help me.


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June 08, 2005

Does He Still Love Me?

I have known this boy for a year. We broke up last month. His friends were telling him that I was cheating on him. Last night he told me I was special in is life and he lost it when we broke up. What should I do? What should I tell him?

He still tells me he loves me.


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Posted by H.A.R. at 03:14 PM
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June 07, 2005

He is Acting Like a Jerk

There is this boy who I just met in the beginning of the school year. He has always thought of me as one of his best friends and a good friend of mine his best friend too. About the middle of the year I finally told someone that I really liked him and my good friend asked him out for me.
He said no because he gave up girls!!! So after Easter another friend of mine asked him out for me and he said no once again. But itís weird because when she asked him he was like uhhhh Ö she was like so will u? And he goes no but slowly said it and didnít sound sure about it. I really like him. I caught him looking at me at lot when we had classes together.

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Posted by H.A.R. at 01:58 PM
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June 06, 2005

I Am Getting Tired of His Excuses

I have been dating this guy for about 2months now. For the first month, things were great; he came to meet my parents as my boyfriend about 3weeks ago.
I am a very sensitive person. Spending time together is very important to me.
For the past few weeks, he has been so busy and itís been a week now since we saw each other. We live in the same community. I am not happy with this because we donít get to spend time together anymore.

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We Made Eye Contact

I like this boy at school but I am not sure if he likes me well people say that he looks at me in a very loving way, and a week ago I was walking to my second period class and i notice that he was looking at me we both made eye contact but thatís about it.

I love Jay-z

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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:11 AM
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May 31, 2005

I Have a Crush on The Helper

I am in grade 7 and there is a helper in the school who helps out the teachers and she is REALLY pretty. She is in grade 12 and is 5 years older than me. I donít know if she has a boyfriend, but I like her a lot. I donít know what to do. I know she likes me as a friend but I like her more than just a friend. What should I do?


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May 30, 2005

I Have Loved 3 Times Already

I have fallen in love 3 times already and i have said to my self that i wont
love again. A week later i saw a guy i know but i didnt talk to him a lot and i fell in love with him! Now we talk alot and see each other much. The problem is that he doesn't feel the same way! Please help!


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May 29, 2005

I Am One Year Older Than Him

I am an 18-year-old girl, I have been in love for four years. My lover is so cute, rich, handsome & nice. My only problem is that I am one year older than him. However we are in deep love, I am afraid from separation, if that happens I will die. I really love him from the bottom of my heart.


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I Met Him Over The Internet

I met this guy over the Internet, we have known each other for almost two years now, he lives far from me yet he came all the way to see me, we met, at the beginning I didn't like the way he looks, then I got used to him, we spent three days together, we had so much fun, we were getting engaged soon then all of a sudden he came out with a new story that he had to go attend his brotherís wedding and he can't get engaged now. We fought and I
decided to leave him after I gave him a choice, either we get engaged or he goes to his brotherís wedding! He decided that he would go to his brotherís wedding. I feel so bad. We still talk to each other every once in a while but I feel so bad. I really donít know what to do, I can't go back to him but at the same time I can't get him out of my mind.


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May 28, 2005

I Really Want a Boyfriend

I want to find a boyfriend but it seems I can't .I really want a boyfriend to love, but when a guy asks me out I say no because I take everything negatively in him! And even when my crush asks me out I say no ďagainĒ.
Please help; tell me what should i do!


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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:51 AM
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May 27, 2005

He Doesn't Have Time For Me


I love my boyfriend very much, but lately it seems like he doesn't have time for me. But he does according to him and my friend that talked to him. I want to talk to him about us never spending time together, or him never calling me, but I don't know how to bring it up. Help please.


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Help Me Forget The Love of My Life

I met this guy 3 years ago and we fell for each other straight away. We were in love. He is the only person i have ever loved. After 6 months of being together everything fell apart, for one he was far away, secondly my parents didnít know about it, thirdly his dad died on the 6th month and lastly my parents were getting divorced. There was nothing wrong with our relationship at all, but there was with our life and the fact that there was no way i could tell my mum or anyone that i liked him...

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May 25, 2005

She Won't Open Up To Me

I'm dating a girl that wont open up to me and tell me her deeper thoughts and whatnots. She only seems to talk about what's on the surface and stuff that I would call boring. How can I get her to open up?


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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:17 AM
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I Can't Hide It Anymore

I love him. I know it's crazy but I love him. He doesn't even think about me but I love him. He is a boy from my high school. Iíve loved him for two years and I can't hold up any more I can't hide it anymore. I am really dying. We talk a little together but for someone who has all this love it's not enough. Today we were by coincidence together in the library, we talked a lot and I wasnít speaking much because I was trying to control my tears. I wouldn't like to cry in front of him so I didn't. When he left I cried. I love him. Maybe love is not the suitable word cause what I have for him is more than anyone can imagine they are abnormal feelings: strong, hurting and wonderful at the same time. I know that if we talk one day things will work out.


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Posted by H.A.R. at 11:15 AM
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May 24, 2005

I Don't Want to Loose Her Friendship

I have this problem; my friend and I after a relationship for 7years with fun and tears and everything you would imagine. We broke up because of an argument and I think she doesnít care and love me in the same way. I really donít know how to explain my feelings but I love her so much and I donít think she does, and I really donít want to loose her friendship.


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May 22, 2005

I Don't Want to Have a Terrible Marriage

I've been going out with my girlfriend for a year and nine months. The problem that we have is that we quarrel almost all the time over simple things and this is slowly reducing the Love we have for each other. I respect her so much and I'm seeing that she isn't. I Love her so much but this thing has gone too far and even making me change my mind over marrying her. I'm a cool guy who doesn't like to talk too much and she is the direct opposite of me, coz she talks loudly whenever we fight and she reaches a point of even shouting at me. Which is something I don't like. I seriously feel I should leave her because I donít want to have a terrible marriage, but I love her so much. What should I do?


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