Never Dated My Best Friend!

Nov 30, 2007 - Comments: ...

I have the most amazing friend in the world. She has helped me in my life like no other person. Let me first start with our history. We met at work almost 8 years ago. She approached me which was such a surprise. We immediately clicked. Then I found out that she was engaged. No big deal but I did let her know my feelings up front and that her happiness was what was most important to me. After 6 years she has gotten a divorce and i have been the step by step. There isn't a thing that we donít know about each other and her family loves me as I do them. We spend some holidays together and talk on a daily basis.

I have never had my chance to try and date her cause she says now that she does not see me in that way but when i have someone else that take time from us it makes her jealous. It seems she wants me there but not totally. I am so confused with the situation that i am miserable on a daily basis. I have as some people for advice and even tried reading some articles but it seems they all say that i need to walk away from the situation but how do you walk away from a person that means that much to you. Does it mean our friendship was a lie from the start?

I Want Him Back!

Nov 28, 2007 - Comments: ...

I'm in love with a guy, who is currently studying abroad. We were together for 1 year then we broke up. -that was 7 months ago-
Although i contacted him again and told him exactly how i feel about him and that i've missed him alot, he has a girlfriend now.
I want to get back together with him and i want to marry him!
Our relationship was great, it was fun, we loved each other, we used to see each other and hang out together 6 days a week!
He'll be back in December and i don't know what i should do to get him back!
I'm not sure, does he still love me or has he gotten over me!
He's the one I've been looking for ... i don't want to let him go!

By Victoria


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