Why feed a fish when you’ve caught it?

Nov 29, 2006 - Comments: ...

A guy liked me for a long time and was aggravating me everyday telling me I was fine and he wanted to go with me, but I never ever liked him, so I got tired of him messing with me, so I went with him for about three weeks and I started liking him more and more but he doesn’t act the same like he use to be crazy over me but now its like he doesn’t really care, so what should I do? Should we stop talking, or stay together? What should I do, please help me!

I am Scared to Talk to Him

Nov 28, 2006 - Comments: ...

For a while now… I've liked one of my very good friends, I've told him and I do have another friend (a female), whose brother is good friends with the one I like. She always tells me that he says nice things all the time, and always wants me to come around and be with them… for instance, last weekend, we all went to some party, but as I was getting directions, on the phone with her, he was in the background, telling her to tell me that he wants me to go, and then when it comes to school, he still does come around me, and gives me hugs quite a bit… but its just all so confusing because I am scared to talk to him about my true feelings.

The Need to Say I Love You

Nov 28, 2006 - Comments: ...

I believe myself to be in love; I met this man and on the first night I saw him I felt this emotional connection with him. I can look deep into his eyes and my eyes get heavy yet I want to leave them open just to stare at him. The more I sat with him the more I felt the need to say I love you. My heart beats faster when I hear his voice or talk to him. I, for some reason, needed to meet him when I saw his picture and I can't explain why. I feel this overwhelming feeling of love coming off of him when ever he is around.

He makes me feel safe all the time and we can just sit and stare at each other for hours with out saying a word. When we are together I have no cares and I am off in a world where nothing matters, I can't hear a thing. He gives me chills when he touches me. What’s it all mean?

A Home Without A Wife

Nov 9, 2006 - Comments: ...

How do you really know he does not love you anymore?
Example: He lives 2.5 hrs away, I used to go there any time I wanted, until he bought a home and said this is the first time he had ever bought a home without a wife.
Calls don't come that much anymore but when I am there on my weekends off he is very attentive to me and my needs.

Help Confused

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