The Relationship of My Life [5]

Sep 4, 2006 - Comments: ...

Another year passed and the only time I got in touch with her was during her birthday in April 2005. No roses, no chocolate, not even a phone call...just a text message saying happy birthday. She did the same on my b-day. From what I recall she had been dating too, and one of her new bf turned out to be a double-dating loser from college.
This year was a silent one and there was no contact. One night I was having a gathering at my place over the world cup match and my house was full of buddies. Out of the blue, I felt I missed her a lot & walked into my bedroom and decided to call her. She seemed to be delighted with the phone call, but I made it a 1 minute call to ask her if she wanted to get over a coffee. I don 't think that she expected someone who's 3 hours away by plane would fly to have a coffee with her. The next afternoon I was at Starbucks talking with a different person, more mature yet deep inside the same cute, flirty, teasing lady. She asked me about my love life and I told her honestly...

The Relationship of My Life [4]

Sep 2, 2006 - Comments: ...

At the turn of the year ('03) I was informed that she resumed college for an mba and I was alarmed a the fact that she could be falling for someone else. Jealousy, arrogance, silliness ... and all the negative aspects of character formed my new me. I remained intact with my job and developed a good career with time. I also had a few, short relationships that were simple and non-intense. I realized I was mellowing down and by the end of the year I felt I was over her.
Mornings were not sad anymore, and slow music sounded warm again instead of depressing. The following year ('04) we spotted each other online and had a wonderful chat in catching up on events. A few weeks later I flew to see her (pretending to attend a business event). She invited me over for lunch with her family. As I entered her house and laid my eyes on her I literally felt like someone poured a bottle of cognac inside my abdominal area and it was so obvious to everyone around. Only this time, there was only 1 cheek kiss and a simple (non-tight) hug.

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