I've Fallen in Love with Him; He's Gay!

Apr 28, 2005 - Comments: ...


I've fallen deeply in love with my best friend - and he's gay. A week ago we went out, had quite a lot to drink, and ended up kissing passionately and biting and holding each other; then he told me that I've turned him bisexual, and he loves me. The problem is, in the morning, he swore he didn't remember a thing. I don't know if he genuinely doesn't, or he didn't want to say anything in front of anybody else, or he's embarrassed and just wants to forget about it. I'd ask him about it but donít want to scare him. If I tell him how I feel he might not speak to me again and I couldn't survive without him. I really just don't know what to do. How can you force yourself to fall out of love with someone? Please, I just need advice. Please help!


I Can't Marry Her Because of My Dignity

Apr 27, 2005 - Comments: ...

Two years ago when i was still in college I got acquainted to a very cute and charming girl, we built a strong friendship (me, her and another friend) we promised one another that nothing will break as apart. No day passed without seeing each other. we did every thing together (reading, going out, etcÖ). Then came a day when she told us that some one has asked for her hand and that he is living abroad, she asked about our opinion and we told her that it is she who should choose.

She accepted the guy and they got engaged and we attended their party. And it was just then that I discovered that i love her but I couldn't tell her. After that her fiancťe went back to Germany to arrange for her coming. He was a good guy and he understood our friendship and respected it. He spent six months there. During this period we graduated and she found a job with a British company here in Iraq.

Fear of Talking About my Feelings

Apr 24, 2005 - Comments: ...

My problem is that i canít express my feelings to my best friend; I always just keep it inside until i calm down or it just goes away. If something is bothering me, and my best friend asks me what is wrong i tell her that its nothing and it makes her mad because she says she canít get close to someone if they canít talk about everything and be open with her. The reason i canít talk about my feelings is that i feel like it will cause more problems or she wont be friends with me anymore because of the reasons that make me mad or irritated, and i need help with getting over this fear of talking about my feelings because i want to get closer to my friend, i try to tell her how i feel but it never comes out and i end up being rude or mean to her when i donít mean it to come out that way, and i often get nervous when she confronts me about it and i donít know what to say back to her. How can i express my feelings?


We Broke Up Because of People's Talk

Apr 23, 2005 - Comments: ...


I have a question; I do not know what to do? I still like my ex boyfriend a lot and we havent talked to each other for almost a year. We broke up because a lot of people started telling him that I was going out with some other guy at school and some people told me that he was the one who was going out with some other girl. His family does not like me and I know that he loved me a lot but I do not know if he still loves me and I do not want to call him and ask him, because he might not love me anymore. And I am scare to find out that he might have a girlfriend. What should I do? I sent him some songs but my phone number is private so he does not know that it is I who is sending the songs but at the same time I think he knows it is I because the other day someone sent me a song. I think it was him.


Two Boys on My Mind

Apr 22, 2005 - Comments: ...


On Friday in my science class I was sitting next to my friend Zack and we were supposed to have partners in this science class, so Zach and i were partners. While we were sitting together he was touching me like he usually does, but the boy i like Nigel was watching us like a hawk as he always looks at me. He knows i like him but i don't know if he like's me or not and i don't know what to do. Help me please!


Iím Falling Apart Without Letting Her Know

Apr 22, 2005 - Comments: ...


I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do, and Iím falling apart without letting her know. We are such close friends but the problem is that she has a boyfriend. I love her but also I want her to be happy even if that means not being with me so if you can give me a way to forget my love or a way to make her share my feelings.


I Feel No Love for Him

Apr 19, 2005 - Comments: ...


I am involved with someone at this moment and I feel no love for him or everyone else. What should I do?


A Tunisian Summer Fling

Apr 18, 2005 - Comments: ...



I went out this summer with a guy. First I took our relation for passing time and especially that he lives in a foreign country and comes here just in the summer holidays.
But with time loving him grew in my heart. Now he is in France and I am sitting here in Tunisia thinking of him. He doesnít call anybody here not his best friends or even me. I really miss him but I think that he doesn't really care because if I don't call him, he never does. He says that he doesn't call even his family here and it's true but I want him to show me that I exist for him. This summer he will come and I don't know what to do. Have I got to ignore him? I can't forgive him for not calling me. I told him to end our relationship but he is insisting and honestly I don't know why. Maybe he wants someone with whom he can spend summer her in Tunisia. I am really suffering. Please help me and tell me what to do!


I Love My Cousin

Apr 17, 2005 - Comments: ...

I'm a really smart girl and a good one too. I love my cousin. And I can't share my feelings with anybody because they're going to say that I'm stupid. I can't believe it even my sisters are saying that I'm stupid. I just thought if I could share my feeling on the Internet. Is it good or bad to love my cousin? Please can you guys help me with my feelings? Please I don't want to stay alone.


I Like Him and I Want to Tell Him

Apr 12, 2005 - Comments: ...


I like this guy at school; he is my friend. But I like him so much that I want to tell him I like him but donít know how.
He might already know but he doesn't ďlikeĒ me and he is only being polite by not saying anything! What should i do?
Please help!

Falling in Love with my Best Friend

Apr 12, 2005 - Comments: ...


I've liked this girl for a while, weíre pretty good friends, but I think Iím starting to fall for her. My friends have been urging me to tell her how I feel about her, but I donít want her to feel awkward and ruin the friendship we have. So should I tell her or not and if so do you have any tips?

I Love the Guy Next Door

Apr 3, 2005 - Comments: ...


Iím a 17 year old girl, i love a guy who lives next door and he
loves me too and waits for me everyday when i come back home just
to talk to me and he has been doing this for a year and i canít talk to him and he
too. I have his number but itís hard for me to call him. What should i do?


I Got to Know Him; He is Really Nice

Apr 3, 2005 - Comments: ...


I love this boy since two years and he loves me too, no one can imagine how much we love each other and we both know that, he is also my boyfriend. But one day i went to the cinema with my friend and she told me that her boyfriend and some friends of his are going to be there, when we arrived I met one of her boyfriendís friend's and he really is nice and cute. My boyfriend is better looking but I liked the other boy not for his money or popularity but I really like him and donít know what to do?


I am Afraid of Her Reaction

Apr 2, 2005 - Comments: ...


Iíve loved this girl since i was 8 years and I cant express my feelings. i am afraid of her reaction. i decided to call her and tell her, but I am afraid of the problems that will result on my doing if I call her.

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