Why Does He Lead Me On?

I've been talking with this guy that i met online on and off now for about a few years.
He's been trying to get me to meet him, but I've been hesitant about it because of insecurities. Well, we just started talking again and he tells me that he wants to get married and have children with me and that he's ready to get our relationship started. I'm ready to
see him now, but it worries me because he doesn't really call me. I'm the one who has to contact him!
I've confronted him about the situation and he apologizes but never seems to do what he says he's going to do. Why does he tell me that he likes me and cares about me and then ignores me? Why lead me on? Should i forget about him and move on?



Dear Chandra,

It doesn't sound to me like a thing that's going to work!
Usually Internet relationships are a flop! Only in some very rare cases do they work, and only after the two meet face to face and spend some time together, to get to know each other in person.
You said it yourself: he doesn't contact you, he doesn't do what he says he'll do and you're hesitant! If you're not 100% sure, then don't! As long as you're hesitant, then it's not going to work.
Be tough and let him go. You'll find Mr. Right when the time is right.
Good Luck!

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