I'm Married But I Found My Soul Mate

Married But Love Someone Else

I am already married but I have deeply fallen in love with someone else. I can sense that he is my soul mate, who I have been searching for. I want to grow old with him. On the other hand, I don't love my husband anymore (assuming it was love at the very beginning). I want to be free.
What should I do?


Dear SM,

Well, if you are 100% sure of your feelings towards your husband, and the other man, then you have to be brave, and take things into your own hands; you have to talk about it with your husband, tell him that things aren't working between you two, and that you would like to split up, yet stay friends, because you wouldn't want to stay in a relation with him until you hate him!

You have to handle things with care.
Good Luck

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