I Want to Win Him Back

There is this guy that i met through the dating side and i can't forget him.We met and we clicked so well but the problem was that every time i called him he would not answer his phone so i thought the best way was to separate. Ever in my life i have never loved someone like him. The moment i think about him i always cry, i miss him more each day. This is almost a year ever since we broke up. I want him back, what should i do? I know he feels the
same way too because he sent me something the other day and he always sends me messages, but he can't give himself in.

What should i do to win him back? Please help!


Dear Conie,

The only thing you could do, is meet with him and be totally honest with your self and with him.
Get him a 'lets get together again' gift, something simple, and you will have to tell him what is in your heart.
If you are sure that he feels the same way 100% then go for it.
Try to get things back on track with him.

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