I'm a Lesbian & I Love Her

Im an 18-year-old lesbian and I was wondering ok if an ex calls u while her girl ain't there is that like weird i mean because my ex did that and Im like ok she is calling to talk as more then a friend because if she was calling as just a friend you'd think she'd call while her girl was there ...

i mean hell she was in love with me we talked bout marriage and all that and she called me a week after we broke up telling me she missed me and when she call like a few weeks ago to talk to my friend the phone got passed to me first and she sounded sad and i mean u don't just go around saying Im in love with u if youre not ya know and she was crying on the phone telling me she was in love with me ya know and so i know she still loves me hell before she got with this new girl she was telling me not to move on and to not give up on her like every one else ya know so how do i get her to admit she still loves me with out just coming out and saying it?

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