What Should I Do Next?

I love a guy who I think loves me too. I told his best friend who is mine too and he told me that he is free and he is searching. He is with me at school and I watch him every day and his best friend told me that he was coming to ask me out but something happened and changed his mind. His best friend wants me to tell him my feelings but I am not sure if he will accept that because we are not so close to know if he likes me or not. What can I do next, should I tell him without fear or do something else? Please tell me, I am so in need for your advice as soon as possible.

I think you shouldnít reveal your feelings to him.
If he wanted to tell you how he feels, then great. But if he suddenly changed his mind, then it isnít your fault, let him be the one to make the first move.
Stay strong, and donít let anything shake you.

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