Help Me Forget The Love of My Life

I met this guy 3 years ago and we fell for each other straight away. We were in love. He is the only person i have ever loved. After 6 months of being together everything fell apart, for one he was far away, secondly my parents didnít know about it, thirdly his dad died on the 6th month and lastly my parents were getting divorced. There was nothing wrong with our relationship at all, but there was with our life and the fact that there was no way i could tell my mum or anyone that i liked him...

So on the 6th month of being together when everything went wrong, i told him that we have to finish and that thereís no point going on because we would never be together forever because of the fact that i canít tell my mum how i met him and that i talk to him.

We couldnít stop talking to each other even then and he kept texting me and ringing me and telling me he loves me and needs me. I felt the same and even more strongly for him but it couldnít go on. My mum found out about us and she was so angry. i love my mum and would never want to hurt her. So i stopped replying to the texts and never spoke to him again. This was 3 years ago, and since then Iíve not gotten in any relationship because i love him and will love him till i die. i told him this before but what I need now is some help. i donít know how to forget him. i think about him all the time. When our songs are on the TV i remember him. i canít forget him but need to.

Our relationship was perfect, and i know it was true love. but i havenít heard from him since 3 years and i donít think i want to because Iím trying to get over him and forget but just canít. I DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH HIM BECAUSE I PROMISED MY MUM IíD NEVER TALK TO HIM OR ANY GUY BEHIND HER BACK AGAIN AND I WOULD NEVER LIE TO MY MUM.

Help me to try and forget (if i can) the only man i love in my life.

Just me


Dear Just me,

What has happened is sad, but you will have to deal with it.
If you are sure that it is a dead end, then control yourself and do anything in order to forget him; get busy and do something that will fill most of your time. And with the passing of time, you will heal.
You are only 18, and you have years to come, that will be full of millions of things to do.

Concentrate on your studying, take up a hobby, go out with friends and live your life and donít let anything stop you from having fun.
It seems to me you are a strong young woman, and the decision you took is the right one, donít weaken and keep your promise to your mom.
There will come a time when you will meet Mr. Right Ö and you will be a happy soul.

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