Head Over Heals in Love


I've known my best mate for about 5 years now, the trouble is that Iím hopelessly and head over heels in love with her. She has no idea how i feel as i donít want to ruin our friendship, i canít even have a proper relationship now because all i think about is her, and lately she seems to have been avoiding me, sheís been going out with different people and not bothering to ring or txt me when Iíve rang her, we barely meet any more as well is that some kind of sign? And what shall i tell her? Rich

Dear Rich,

Well Rich, it seems there is something wrong with your friendship because she isnít communicating with you! I guess it might be some kind of sign Ö but it wouldnít hurt to talk to her if you get the chance. See what she has in mind, and take things forward from there. If things sound good, tell her about your feelings, if not, well I guess it is definitely a dead end relationship!

Good luck.

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