Make the Best of Your Life

Best of Your Life

Whether you are single or part of a couple, you have to take the right steps to make your life full and happy … here are some tips and advices that are easy to follow …

If you are single:

Take time alone: Try to develop parts of yourself that you couldn’t if you were part of a couple. Try to make time for yourself, where you can know yourself better and overcome any fear or insecurity on your own sweet time.

Connect with people in groups: Socializing is very important, and so are close friendships. Try going regularly to a club, where you can take dancing lessons or aerobics with multiple partners, which makes your social status unimportant … be one with everybody...

Give importance to physical contact: Touching releases hormones that reduce stress, raise mood and help the body heal. Get a pet: a dog or cat for example, or treat yourself to a massage once in a while. Try finding healthy ways to get your touch needs met.

If you are part of a couple:

Try to improve yourself: Make time for developing your mind, body and soul. Choose walking or poetry writing or painting … challenge yourself.

Beware of negative merging: Don’t be a magnet of negative energy; if your partner is anxious that doesn’t mean you have to be too. Always share your feelings and try to figure out why you are bothered.

Don’t become roommates: Spend quality time with your partner away from the television and the computer. Emotional, spiritual and physical closeness are very important. Give each its time.

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