My Co-Worker Likes Me


I know this guy from work and he has been so nice to me and has ask me out once.

When he talks to me he blushes, when he do things in front of me his hand shakes.
I treat him like I treat my other co-workers.
I hadn’t thought of it at all, until several of my co-workers told me, “he likes you!”.

When I was so sick a couple weeks back, he took me out to buy food and had been
spoiling me by driving me home after work.

I would like to give him a chance, but what if we don’t click, what should I do?
I never been loved before, so I don’t know what my next step should be?


Dear YellowPillow,

If you have a good feeling about him then give him a chance.

Go out together and see whether you click or not, you’ll never know if you never try.
A couple of dates don’t mean anything serious.

If things seems to be going well, then Yay! If you find things not the way you’d like them to be, then just withdraw slowly and make sure you stay on good terms as co-workers.

Good Luck!