I’m Deeply In Love with My Cousin


I’ve had a crush on him since I was a little girl. Since I came here in California, I just couldn’t forget about him. So, I went home to the Philippines on June 29 and when I got there, I saw him and we went to Baguio together. It all started there. I fell for him and he fell for me. We’ve been talking, and to be honest something already happened to us. I know, it’s really bad. But what can I do’ I love him so much.



Well Mae it looks like you got yourself quite a dilemma! Why of all people did you have to fall in love with your cousin? That’s incest! And I might ask, is he your first, second, third or fourth cousin? If he is, then there really won’t be a future for your relationship since the Philippine Law does not allow marriage between relatives of up to the fourth level of consanguinity! That’s if there?s a chance you’re thinking about marriage. Another thing you must think about is that if you get pregnant there’s a chance your baby might have genetic disorder!

If you go ahead with the relationship do you think you?d both be happy knowing your family and maybe his family too cannot accept your relationship? There will always be trouble among you and you won’t be at peace. A love relationship is supposed to be happy and peaceful in order for it to grow. Do you think that’s going to happen if there’s disapproval all around you? Sooner or later that’s going to be the cause of disagreements between the two of you and without your family’s support what you fought for will just crumble.

Your family tried to break you apart because they know the relationship is all wrong. I?m sure they just have your best interest at heart by doing so.

You say you love him and I understand that. But even though that’s the case you still need to use your mind not just your heart. You still have to evaluate what is right and what is wrong. And in this case I think you know that what you have is wrong. You have to let it go. You have to let him go.