I Feel Rejected

i feel rejected

My husband and myself have been married for three years and dated for approximately 7 months. Our sex life has been good but it’s mostly because i’m not highly sexual and he is not either. I have always satisfied him.

The problem now for me is that he doesn’t ever touch my body. He was a virgin when we met and he is 33 presently. He is from Syria and I understand the cultural differences. He was not taught about sex and the female anatomy and all that he saw was from porn, so he knows nothing of pleasing me. He says that he was taught the body (male and female) private areas were unclean. He believes that the act of sex itself is good but all else is not so good.

I’m trying to understand him but I feel rejected in a sense and i’m trying to relay this to him. I wish an arabic man would shed some light on this subject.

By Deborah