How Can I Stop Being in Love?


Hi I’m 16 and I am in love with a girl also 16, this is not the first time, but this time my feelings are stronger than I ever felt before.

I want to be with her but she lives in England and I live in Norway and she doesn’t know I even exist. I know that I’m never going to be with her so my question is how can i stop being in love?



Dear Ken,

As much as humans love to and tried over the years, we cannot switch our feelings on and off 🙂
Do I understand from your message that you met online? If so my dear why do you think you will never be together? Have you described your feelings to her, and she rejected you?
If you have not told her how you feel then you should. We always let our insecurities overcome our needs and wants so that we can end up missing out on a very good thing.
If so my dear, you cannot stop being in love but I guarantee you will forget her in due time.

My obvious advice to you is to let time help you forget and do not take it too seriously because believe me you will fall in love again.
You sound like a very sweet young man, which I am sure will make a very lucky “available” girl a perfect and loving boyfriend.