The Reason Behind Elissa’s Celibacy


I am sure lots of you wondered some time about the reason behind Lebanese singer Elissa being unmarried until today … how could she be a bachelorette? She’s 42, beautiful and rich, so what’s the reason behind her celibacy?

Well, it’s not because of religious reasons or because she’s “saving herself !!” for the right man …

but because she’s still not excited about making a family and it happens that she hasn’t found the right man who truly deserves her and will make her change her mind about marriage and having babies.

That’s what Elissa herself said during an interview a couple of days ago … but I wonder, if in a couple of years, she did find Mr. Right, she’ll be in her mid forties and won’t be able to have babies!! That will be another problem then!

But the question will always remain; has she not found the right person, or is Elissa not the right person for any man that has crossed her path!??