Red Cabbage Soup

Red Cabbage Soup

Soup is the best thing to eat in winter, I might have said this before, but I could never emphasis this enough!
Soup gives you all the nutritious elements your body needs, and warms up that tummy when it’s cold!
As for Red cabbage, it is a richer source for vitamin C that oranges and lemons!

My mom makes this Red cabbage soup, and adds sour cream at the end for that extra yummy effect!


  • One Red Cabbage , well washed and shredded.
  • Two potatoes, peeled and diced.
  • One onion, finely chopped.
  • Hot water (according to quantity of cabbage)
  • Butter.
  • Salt and Pepper for seasoning.
  • Sour cream.
  • Drop the butter in a heated pot, and add the onion and stir until glossy and tender.
    Add the cabbage and stir well, cook until red cabbage is soft.
    Add water until it covers the tip top of the red cabbage, and add the potato cubes.
    Add salt and be a bit generous with the pepper.

    Cover, and cook on low fire until the whole Red cabbage soup looks soupy, and the potatoes are done.

    Serve with drizzles of sour cream 🙂