Tempting Delights: New Chocolate Slices are a Glorious Reality

Mmmm … Deliciously Chocolatey!

Chocolate Slices

Sure, most everyone likes chocolates—but what if these chocolates are available in slices to be put on your bread or wrap or anything that you love to team it up with?

A Japanese company called Bourbon that specializes in chocolate and confections is selling slices of chocolate that look very similar to cheese singles. Made with ‘Nama’ chocolate, a type of chocolate that falls between dark and milk chocolate flavor, these chocolate squares are about .08-inch thick.

Japanese Chocolate Slices

Definitely rich and full of flavor, these chocolate slices are easy to use for baking and decorating. From wraps to rolls to plain decorative items, these chocolate slices are a true delight for every chocolate lover! So if you’re looking to indulge in some sweet treats this holiday season, purchase these sinful goodies online. A five-slice pack will cost you around $2.25, which seems irresistibly good.

We’ve already added these chocolate slices to our grocery bucket list, how about you?