Tiramisu Homemade ‘Halal’ Recipe!

Tiramisu Homemade

Ramadan will soon be knocking at our doors, and to help you enjoy it more here is a homemade recipe of the delicious Italian dessert Tiramisu.
Try it out, see how delicious it is and share it with the rest of your family and friends.


• 4 cups of whipping cream
• 4 sachets of dream whip
• 2 packets of Oreos’ cream biscuits (pounded)

• 1 packet of Charlottes fingers ( depending on the serving tray)
• 2 bars of Galaxy chocolate (chopped coarsely)
• I packet Danish cream
• 4 tablespoons of Nescafe
• Cocoa powder


1. Mix 4 tablespoons of instant Nescafe with 1 cup of water. Dip the charlotte fingers one by one in the Nescafe mixtures and quickly arrange them into the serving tray.
2. Sprinkle half of the coarsely chopped galaxy chocolate bars and the Oreo powder over the arranged charlottes fingers in the serving tray.
3. Mix the whipping cream with the Dream whip on a low speed for 5 minutes or until mixture thickens up, add the Danish cream to the mixture and mix them for 1 more minute on a high speed.
4. Add the leftover galaxy chocolate bars and powdered Oreo biscuits to the cream mixture and mix with a spoon. Then pour the finished mixture into the serving tray.
5. Freeze the tiramisu tray for 50 minutes or until the mixture is strong enough to serve. Then sift some cocoa powder on top.

Bonne Appetite!

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