Mind Rockets to Bring the Deaf and the World Together at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona

mind rockets mwc

Effective hearing is important for effective communication. Limited access to hearing technologies can have a significant impact on everyday life. To ensure the Deaf have a quality technology to improve their lives, Mind Rockets, a Jordanian start up established in 2016 develops technologies that interpret speech and text to sign language using 3D avatars on smart devices. The technology is then integrated through the interpretation technology in systems which make information accessible for the Deaf community worldwide.

Mind Rockets’ apps are used by over 54,000 users in the USA, Canada and the Arab world. As the technology is easy to integrate it can be used on any service/system. While the company has already opened up untapped markets for organisations, it has aided the Deaf community in receiving equal access to services and information. The company is all set to mark its next milestone with its presence at The Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will be held in Barcelona from Monday February 27 to Thursday March 2, 2017.

The idea to set up Mind Rockets was not overnight. Mr. Mahmoud Darawsheh (CEO and Founder) had always been into programming since middle school. In high school, his school noticed his talents, and suggested that he participate in the INTEL ISEF Awards (2008) and come up with a solution for deaf people. He ended up winning third place in the world in the Behaviour & Social Science category. This led to the concept development of Mind Rockets.

It is noted that 80 per cent of the Deaf population do not read or write, they communicate mainly using their mother language, that is, sign language. Mind Rockets is the first-of-its-kind app that provides organisations and individuals with the ability to talk to Deaf people and understand them.

Businesses and organisations that are using Mind Rockets’ technologies are able to reach a new segment and provide their services for the first time to the Deaf community and experience some special moments with their new customers. With a belief to touch people’s lives, Mind Rockets is a great application for the Deaf community. Its innovative approach is bound to leave positive marks on people’s lives as well as boost the businesses of several players dealing with this community.