Home-Cooked Food Service App Bilforon Set to Appease the Taste Buds at Mobile World Congress Barcelona


Whether you live away from home or just don’t find enough time to make food at home, you certainly crave for home-made food to entice your taste buds. To ensure you have easy access to home-made food, Bilforon is a marketplace application that connects customers with home-cooks who make food and sell it from their homes. Customers (individuals and companies) can use the app to view the list of home-cooks, check their food menu and order food from them.

With the supply for home-cooked food witnessing an increase in recent years, Bilforon aims to showcase its innovative services at a global platform. As such, the company will display its offerings at Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will be held in Barcelona from Monday February 27 to Thursday March 2, 2017.

It is noted that the home-based food businesses contributes to Jordan’s economy by $56 million. Yet, it’s fragmented, underdeveloped and informal. Customers are interested in ordering food from home-based kitchens. They prefer it because it provides a cleaner, healthier and less expensive option. However, they don’t know how to find and communicate with home-based cooks. They usually spend a valuable amount of time searching social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat before they get frustrated and order food from restaurants.

On the other hand, home-cooks want to grow their home-businesses and reach more customers. They usually get a good start selling home-cooked food to friends and relatives. When they are unable to expand beyond that circle of customers; demand slows down and revenue drops below sustainability levels forcing them to close down their businesses. Home-cooks in this industry have the technical knowledge for making food products. However, they lack the business acumen for growing their customer base and bringing their business into sustainable and scalable levels.


As such, Bilforon was established in 2016. The home-food ordering app was developed to serve as a bridge connecting home-cooked food lovers with home-cooks, for whom cooking is an opportunity to generate income. Since its establishment, Bilforon has enabled many home-cooks to generate over $1,000 monthly, which is above the average Jordanian income. Moving ahead in the future, the company aims to expand to the GCC countries and add new features to the mobile application.

At the Mobile World Congress Bilforon is all ready to appease the taste buds of varied visitors with its innovative concept. The Mobile World Congress is a biggest mobile industry event – where thousands of visionary leaders and tech-savvy consumers gather to experience a connected life. More than 2,200 companies will exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2017.