Education Master Nidal Khalifeh to Participate at Mobile World Congress – Barcelona

Nidal Khalifeh EDaura MWC

In a time where everything seems to move online, education is no exception. With that in mind, Nidal Khalifeh, a 34 year-old Educational Technology veteran introduced the concept of EDaura – a skill-based learning environment with a mobile-first approach. With over 13 years of experience, Nidal first introduced EDaura in 2015 after serving the educational sector with both hardware and software solutions.

With an aim to increase the engagement between teachers and students, students together, and parents with the school, Nidal’s EDaura is an app that helps educators utilise their time and connect with their learners through; chat, resource sharing, assignment correction and distribution and managing the course calendar. Having served as a significant tool for several educators and students, Nidal is taking his Edaura to the next level by participating at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will be held in Barcelona from Monday February 27 to Thursday March 2, 2017.

Just like every other entrepreneur, Nidal didn’t find it easy establishing a presence in a market which is cluttered with varied educational tools. Right from sourcing the right talent to finding enough funds to support his dream venture, Nidal has seen it all! However, it was his determination and dedication that let him grow and experience success. Recently, the company signed a UN deal to serve 0.5 million students across four countries.
With an objective to offer both formative and summative assessment embedded within the assignment module, EDaura allows educators to measure learning outcomes and skills in order to help learners develop and improve throughout the course. Offering educators and learners a set of tools with powerful analytics and assessment to improve the educational process, Nidal hopes to move the headquarters for EDaura soon to the US. And here’s wishing him luck!

With a passion to improve learning through technology, Nidal aims to streamline the education process for the future generation. His participation at the Mobile World Congress is a testament to his enduring devotion to the field of education. The Mobile World Congress is a biggest mobile industry event – where thousands of visionary leaders and tech-savvy consumers gather to experience a connected life. More than 2,200 companies will exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2017.