3Dmena’s Innovative Approach to Help the Deprived Makes its Way to Mobile World Congress – Barcelona

3d mena

With a vision to harness advanced technology and open innovation that will reduce suffering, fulfil basic needs and accelerate inclusive development in fragile and conflict-affected areas, 3Dmena is a Jordanian social enterprise that builds fabrication labs, provides training and helps innovators commercialise their products, acting as a hardware incubator. It aims to address not only the challenges in the world today, but also prepare the region starting from Jordan for a rapidly changing job market shaped by emerging technology.

Founded in 2014, the company since its inception has been able to catalyse over $7MM worth of projects, advocated for 3D printing technology adoption in Jordan and introduced the concept of Fab Labs to Jordan in partnership with NextFab and Fab Foundation. And now the company is moving ahead to mark another milestone by participating at Mobile World Congress (MWC) which will be held in Barcelona from Monday February 27 to Thursday March 2, 2017.

Intended to prepare the country for a rapidly changing job market shaped by emerging technology, 3Dmena aims to attenuate the immediate effects of the refugee crisis, while driving long-term skills development, venture creation and employment generation. The Fabrication Labs at the company offer a set of digital fabrication tools that promote self-sufficiency and empower the Jordanian community and its vulnerable populations to contribute to economic development and social cohesion.

In addition, the physical platforms provide a vehicle for skill development and STEM education, entrepreneurial programming and creative arts. At their most fundamental level, the labs are intended to promote economic empowerment, stability and integration through dignity, opportunity and purpose. In the future, the team is also hoping to build a Fab Lab in Greece with other international partners. Using disruptive technology to improve human rights fulfilment in conflict zones and host communities, 3Dmena is all set to steer a new chapter at Mobile World Congress.

The Mobile World Congress is a biggest mobile industry event – where thousands of visionary leaders and tech-savvy consumers gather to experience a connected life. More than 2,200 companies will exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2017.