Top 5 Minerals Your Body Seeks Every Time You Crave for a Food Item

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Zain Jordan

If you’ve been experiencing cravings, then your body’s been seeking minerals. Here’s our list of top five minerals that your body needs when you crave for a certain food item.

Magnesium: Want to bite through soft, lip-smacking delicious good tasting chocolates? The fact is – your body’s been craving for magnesium. Known as the relaxation mineral, magnesium soothes anxiety, irritability and insomnia. So the next time you crave for chocolate, grab some leafy greens, seeds, nuts or fish instead of chocolates.

Chromium: Are you born with a sweet tooth? Well, chances are you’re craving for chromium that helps regulate blood sugar levels. So if you’ve been craving for high-sugary foods, it’s time to improve your diet!

Nitrogen: Bread, pasta! Delicious! But do you know that it’s your craving for nitrogen that makes you crave for carbohydrates. Feed onto fruits and vegetables that are high on nitrogen compounds which are certain to transfer essential component of nucleic acids and protein to your body.

Calcium: Love KFC Chicken or anything fried? Then you’re craving for calcium! Surprised? Yes, so the next time you crave for oily or fatty foods; you know that all you need is some milk, cheese or broccoli.

Chloride: Stop adding salt every meal! Your body’s seeking chloride or silicon. Try adding more fish, nuts and seeds to your diet.

Zain Zoom

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