Three Splendid Ideas to Bid Farewell to Headaches in Ramadan

Headache is now a thing of past!

Bid Farewell to Headaches

Zain Jordan

Ramadan, the one month period where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset is filled with peaceful worship and meaningful contemplation; however, for some of us, it means disturbing headaches. While there are many factors that might cause these headaches, some of the most common influences are dehydration, low blood sugar, caffeine withdrawal, change in sleeping patterns, or stress. Let’s take a look at some quick methods to wipe away the troublesome headache:

Stay Fit, Stay Hydrated: One of the best ways to avoid a headache when fasting is to drink enough water and fluid during Suhoor and Iftar. Lack of water affects the brain forcing it to succumb to the torturous pain.

Wipe Pain, Wipe Caffeine: While it’s a good practice to consume lots of fluids during Ramadan, medical studies suggest that caffeine-based drinks should be avoided. Caffeine has a diuretic effect which releases water from the body leading to headaches. Also, it is best to limit and reduce the consumption of caffeine in the weeks leading up to and during Ramadan to avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms which might also lead to the terrifying nuisance.

Say Yes to Health, Say no to Sugar: Experts suggest that intake of a meal with high sugar content before the day’s fast begins, can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels followed by a fast drop that may trigger a headache. It is recommended to eat meals that comprise of low sugar content before the fast to avoid the distressing pain from a headache.

While the above are just a few suggested methods, it is best to maintain a regular routine even in Ramadan to avoid distressing issues.

Zain Zoom