The Poisonous Therapy: Wasp Venom Fights Cancer

The poison that kills also heals!


While animals use stings and bites to safeguard themselves against their enemies, it is noted that this venom can also protect humans fighting dreaded ailments. A recent study indicated that the venom from Brazilian wasp Polybia Paulista produces ingredients that kill cancer cells!

In the past, venom from varied poisonous animals has been tested to see if it could yield a cure for cancer. While the toxin killed cancer, it also damaged the healthy cells. However, the toxin in the wasp’s venom kills only the cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells alone. Interestingly, the wasp’s venom produces an ingredient that makes holes in the membranes of cancer cells, breaks through them and demolishes its existence. Research indicates that if the venom and its properties are utilized accurately it could stop the growth of bladder, prostate and drug-resistant leukemia cells.

Using natural sources to aid medical developments has always been a successful tactic. Sometime back scientists also discovered a unique berry that contained cancer-fighting properties. The berry grew on a blush wood tree in far North Queensland. While it killed the cancer cells, what amazed the scientist was the supersonic speed at which it eradicated the tumor.

For years scientists have been putting in efforts to find a complete cure to the dreaded cancer. While a few treatments have already started showing its magic for people at an early stage, we hope that the poisonous toxin from the wasp can be a ray of hope for the thousands who are struggling between life and death!