Sweet Poison: Say No to Sugar and Yes to Life

Now is the time to avoid the serious addiction!


Zain Jordan

Medical studies have confirmed that it is not ‘fat’ that expands our body structures, but the ‘sweet poison’ often known as sugar. The research indicates that sugar is present in all processed foods which make way into the body, then accumulating as fat.

Continuous sugar intake can lead to prevalent and serious ailments as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. To avoid being companions with these dreaded illnesses, it is recommended to cut sugar from diets. Doctors and researchers suggest opting for whole, fresh foods instead of canned or packaged foods to combat sugar addictions.
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A recent research on a group of children who were kept away from sugar indicated a positive finding. It showcased decrease of triglyceride levels by 33 points on average, and the LDL (bad) cholesterol dropped 5 points. In only 10 days, all of the children who participated in the study drastically reduced their risk of type 2 diabetes.

While it’s not easy to stay away from the sweet poison, the best way to fight this dreaded addiction is low-level consumption. So say ‘No to Sugar’ and ‘Yes to Life’.

Zain Zoom