Stop: Avoid Popping the Pill for Your Headache

Try these tested and proven methods to fight a mild to moderate headache!

Avoid Popping the Pill for Your Headache

Zain Jordan

While dealing with a headache, stop rushing to the pharmacy! There are ways to tackle it before you pop the pill.

Headache could be a result of any stressful activity at home or work. However, there are some headaches that serve as a symptom of more serious condition. For these, it’s best to run to the experts, but for mild to moderate headaches, try our top ten alternatives:

• Apply a warm compress on your forehead.
• Headaches can be due to dehydration. Drink enough water to fight the headache.
• Eat a handful of almonds when you feel the headache is setting in.
• As soon as you feel the headache is making way, take route to meditation.
• For a migraine, sipping grape juice is well recommended.
• Use aromatherapy or essential oils and massage your scalp for a quick relief from headache.
• If a headache sets in, just let go of everything and rest for a while.
• Use acupuncture and massage your temples and your eyes to provide relief from headache.
• Light can be painful during a headache. Experts suggest slipping into darkness when you experience a headache.
• Specific stretching exercises can help relive muscle pain which is the key factor for the pain.

Zain Zoom