Smoking Kills, and So Does Vaping!

Smoking an electronic cigarette can have harmful effects on the heart!

electronic cigarettes danger

Zain Jordan

A recent study indicates that electronic cigarettes could be as harmful as smoking regular cigarettes. The recent study seems to contradict advice given by Public Health England (PHE) last year, which said vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco.

The study suggested that vaping affects the main heart artery in a similar pattern as smoking a cigarette. To measure the damage caused by e-cigarettes, scientists monitored 24 adults with an average age of 30 to determine the implications of vaping compared to smoking.

The result was stunning! Scientists found that the effects from a 30-minute session of vaping – as e-cigarettes deliver nicotine at a slower rate than cigarettes – were similar to those from smoking a cigarette for five minutes. Researchers identified that a vaping session had a harmful impact on aorta – the main artery into the heart – as smoking one regular cigarette.

While doctors and scientists are urging people to discontinue vaping, we wonder why someone would even develop an electronic cigarette. Smoking in any form is harmful to your health- be it an ordinary cigarette, an electronic cigarette or a hookah!

Zain Zoom