Sleep Better with Segmented Nap Patterns

Eight hours of sleep rejuvenates you, seriously?

Sleep Better with Segmented Nap Patterns

Zain Jordan

It’s a common notion that eight hours of straight sleep helps the body function well. However, a recent study insists that interrupted sleep patterns yield better results.

The study suggests that our ancestors slept nightly in two separate periods, separated by one-to-three hours of wakefulness. These periods were known as first sleep and second sleep.

While this was a tradition, it is noted that people spent the waking period between first and second sleep doing regular chores, praying or even visiting neighbours. The study confirmed that mid-night wakefulness was used for calming the mind and body. Ancestors were also able to overcome insomnia through this interrupted sleep pattern.

Also, experts believe that segmented sleep patterns can be effective for individuals who are worried about not getting straight eight hours sleep.

So the next time you feel restless or insomniac, move over to segmented sleep for a good-rejuvenating time!

Zain Zoom