Public Swimming Pools are Containers of Germs

Swimming Pools and Germs

For those who do not have their own pool at home, the public pool and resorts pool are some of the best options for keeping cool during summer. But beware! As enjoyable as it may seem, sometimes, dipping in a public pool is like dipping in a container of germs! Yikes! How is this possible you ask?

Here’s the answer. A survey done by the Water Quality and Health Council reveals that a great number of swimmers skip the shower before going into the pool! You see showering, especially with soap makes a lot of difference!

If people don’t shower, it simply means that all their sweat and other bodily substance are washed in the pool’s water. And that’s not all. Some even urinate in the pool! Peeing in the water is hardly noticeable so anyone can do it. So if there are lots of people in the pool, it means higher levels of contamination.

Due to this contamination, those who swim in the pool are at risk of diarrhea if they accidentally ingest the water as well as ear and skin infections. Most pools use chlorine and PH levels to kill waterborne germs but one can only use so much. Very high levels of the said substances can also be harmful to swimmers.

It seems like a dead-end here right? But there’s still something you can do. You can’t control what other people do but you have total control over your actions. As the saying goes, be a part of the cure and not of the problem so, shower first before taking a dip in the pool!