The Power of a Power Nap

Let a power nap be your routine practice!


Zain Jordan

It is observed that a short nap in the afternoon is ideal to boost alertness and energy and that’s how a nap was termed to be a ‘power nap’. Studies indicate that as time passes by your focus and alertness start degrading, even if you’ve had a good night sleep, but if you have a short nap it can really power you up and keep you going for the next few hours.

Here are five important reasons why a power nap is important:

1. Power naps help you stay productive
2. A nap relieves stress and makes you feel rejuvenated
3. A short nap heightens sensory perception
4. Studies suggest a nap can reduce the risk to heart diseases
5. A nap lifts spirits and makes you feel good about yourself
6. Napping is considered to improve memory and learning
7. A short nap can make you alert and focused
8. Napping is considered to be the best boost for an immune system
9. A nap can help you think better
10. Napping is said to improve sleep patterns

Zain Zoom