Plastic Surgery and Men: Yes or No?

men plastic surgery

The act of plastic surgery is reputed throughout the world and perhaps has found its place for acceptance, particularly with the upcoming generations who hold fame and celebrity in high regards. Surgery in its many techniques and procedures has certainly become a familiar practise.

There are now almost one million surgeries for plastic or cosmetic surgery across the Arab world. The only factor that exists in relation to what would be regarded as wrong is the question and attitudes of beautifying men beyond ironing hair, perfecting teeth, plucking eyebrows and dress sense. It’s possible to say that we are just beginning to be familiar with the new wave of men who style themselves using the trendy and self conscious ‘metrosexual’ criteria.

Many Arab men heap praise on physical enhancement for women, and many Arab girls now express that to improve aesthetics is harmless and is merely an act to boost self confidence and perfect on ones natural form. Therefore attitudes have changed but only concerning attitudes towards women.

In such a vain world where equal rights is being fought restlessly and mercilessly, what would your reaction be if men took the same direction of women in being the new mass consumers of plastic surgery in the Arab world as we know it?

Are you someone who supports physical enhancement for women, but not for men? If so why? Is it wrong for a man to look for his own physical beauty in such a judgemental society (focus mainly on the Arab world)?

By guest writer Sam