Need to Concentrate? Chew Gum!


Zain Jordan

Do you know that chewing gum could help you make your memory sharper? A new study certainly points that way. A team of psychologist at St. Laurence University conducted a study wherein they experimented on 159 students with a series of demanding cognitive tests. Half of them were asked to chew gum whole doing the tests while the other half were not. Their finding points out that the test results of the gum-chewing group were higher than the non-chewing bunch.

According to them, the gun-chewing group performed well because chewing what they call as “mastication-induced arousal”. This is an occurrence wherein the person becomes fully awake through chewing in order to focus on what needs to be done at that moment.

Take note that there’s a ‘but’ here somewhere because according to their findings, the alertness lasts only for around 20 minutes! The tests who that in the later parts of the tests, the gun-chewing group’s performance was just similar to that of the control group.

Still I think 20 minutes is better than nothing. You just have to time your gum-chewing perfectly to coincide with the most difficult part of the test. At least you’ll be chewing with a good purpose!

Zain Zoom