To Live Longer and Healthier Couples Should Sleep Together


Do you want to live longer? If your answer to this question is yes the only thing you need to do is sleep with your partner. This is what a new research indicates. The new study published in The Wall Street Journal says that couples who sleep together in one bed have more chances of living healthier and longer!

The said study is not conclusive yet but researchers hypothesize that when couples sleep together there’s enhanced feeling of security and safety. When a person feels safe and secure, the body doesn’t produce the stress hormone cortisol. This means the body is more relaxed making the person healthier.

But the question now is, even with this new information, how many couples would really want to sleep next to each other when each one has different sleeping preference? Things like snoring that can disturb the non-snoring partner, the time each one goes to sleep and the hours they need to sleep are some of the factors that make some couples decide to sleep in separate beds.

How about you, do you and your partner sleep in the same bed?