Hourglass Figure Not Equivalent to Good Health

Don’t let society’s idea of sexy dictate to you


When we talk about sexy the first thing that comes to mind is an hourglass figure. Well, correct me if I’m wrong. Though not expressed, our society dictates that to be sexy must have big breasts, small waist, and bigger hips. This is the typical concept of sexy. But you know what? This might not be healthy at all. Elizabeth Cashdan of the University of Utah, who led the research focused on women’s lifestyles and the impact of hourglass body shape to their health. The study implied that women who don’t have hourglass figures have more chances of coping when put under extreme pressure. Women have hormones that make them strong, competitive, and able to cope with stress. Aside from giving those benefits, these hormones tend to redistribute fat from the hips to the waist. Women who bring home the bacon usually don’t have hourglass figures, but at least they are healthy and strong. And I think most of them are successful.

So, if you are one of the women who have been worrying because you don’t have small waist and curvaceous hips, don’t worry! Don’t let society’s idea of sexy dictate to you. The important thing is to be healthy and to feel good about yourself.

my goodness im a woman with a healthy hour glass shape who has brought home the bacon and worked hard on her own. i cant believe this study. really grow up ladies im a woman who has work for 13 yrs and done many thing as well as i am the one who brings home the pay check.this studie has made me angry and sade that this is what i read bout my wonderful body size. – CHANTYTOWN