Heal Heels Faster with Natural Remedies

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Heal Heels with Natural Remedies

Zain Jordan

Foot or Heel pain is the most common ailment. While there can be many reasons for its cause, some of the prominent reasons that influence the discomfort are – extreme walking, fractures, excessive sporting activities, mineral deficiencies or increasing age. There are many easy options available in the market that reduce heel pain, however, its best to opt for natural home remedies to achieve comfort. Let’s take a look at the top five natural remedies that can heal heels faster.

Frozen Water: Freeze a small water bottle. Place the frozen bottle below your foot and roll it beneath arch of foot for five minutes. Repeat this a number of times to achieve desired results.

Massage: Massage is a powerful natural treatment that stimulates blood circulation and relaxes muscles. It is recommended to massage heels any time of the day to alleviate pain. However, if the pain doesn’t subside it is best advised to consult a physician.

Hot Water Soak: Soaking your foot in hot water mixed with magnesium salt provides immediate relief to the heels. However, as the salt often ends up drying your heels, you should think about applying some moisturizer after soaking them.

Exercise: It is noted that if you press into the wall with both hands and lean forward, the heels experience a relief. Hence, most experts advise to stretch to gain quick relief from the pain.

Ginger Effect: Ginger not only reduces the fat in the body, but also helps alleviate the pains of arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory qualities provide a quick soothing effect. Mix it in your food or have it with tea to gain relief from the heel pain.

Zain Zoom