Get Yolked: Top 10 Benefits of Eating Eggs

This is egg-zactly why you should eat eggs every day!


Zain Jordan

Loaded with nutrients, eggs classify as superfoods. While some people just opt for the egg whites to stay fit and beat away the calories, it must be noted that both the white and yolk of an egg are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals with the yolk also containing cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Here are our top 10 reasons for including eggs in your nutrition plan:

• Eggs are high in cholesterol, but they help raise the good cholesterol.
• As eggs are rich in protein they serve perfect for a weight-loss plan.
• Research states that eating eggs as an adolescent could help prevent breast cancer as an adult.
• Eggs are a rare source of natural Vitamin D, which help in maintaining optimum bone health.
• Eggs can help build healthy hair and nails because of their high content of sulphur-containing amino acids and the wide array of vitamins and minerals.
• Eating an egg every day can improve your eyesight and can prevent cataract.
• Eggs reduce the risk of heart disease and also lower the chances of stroke.
• Eggs facilitate brain development and are highly recommended during pregnancy.
• As eggs make you feel fuller for long, they help improve your performance at work and home.
• Eggs have high iron content and are highly recommended by doctors for individuals facing iron deficiencies.

Zain Zoom