Eight Solid Hours of Sleep? Less Might Be Good For You!


Zain Jordan

Lots of people today whine a lot about how they have insomnia and can’t get back to sleep when they suddenly awake in the middle of the night. This is troubling for them because they don’t get the required eight hours of sleep every night. But you know what? What you’re going through may actually be a natural thing according to a several studies.

One historian by the name of Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech came across a wealth of evidence wherein it’s actually normal for a night’s rest to be interrupted. He has this concept of a “first sleep” where people can sleep after dusk and then wake up for two hours and go back to what he calls as the “second sleep.” His studies suggest that these waking hours between sleep can help regulate stress.

This sleep pattern was the way it used to be centuries before. According to sleep psychologist Gregg Jacobs the waking moment between sleep when people were forced into rest and relaxation probably helped in keeping stress in check.

But as the times got more modern, that kind of sleep pattern vanished. The idea being taught today is that eight solid hours of sleep each night is the healthy way. But you know what? Next time you wake up in the middle of the night don’t panic because it might actually be good for you!

Zain Zoom