Diabetes Much More Costly Than Previously Assumed

diabetes costly

Diabetes is a serious but treatable disease. Due to the widespread availability of home blood monitoring equipment and self-administered insulin injections, people with diabetes can work and live almost nearly uninhibited by the illness. On the other hand, these medicines and tools for the management of diabetes are costly – much more so than we first assumed. Students in RN to MSN programs, doctorate of medicine degree programs have firsthand knowledge of the costs associated with stockpiling supplies for diabetic patients, as well as how hard it is to keep up with demand.
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In the year 2012, an astounding $245 billion went to pay for the bills that diabetics incurred. If that wasn’t enough to shock you, approximately one fifth of all medical expenses can also be attributed to diabetic healthcare expenses. Summed up, diabetes is one of the most expensive illnesses to treat.

Infographic created by the University of Arizona College of Nursing.

Diabetes Much More Costly Than Previously Assumed

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