Common but Overlooked Causes of Back Pain

Back Pain

Zain Jordan

Was there ever a time in your life when you got up in the morning and suddenly you feel pain on your back? And then you tried to recall what you could have caused it but couldn’t think of any reason. Well, it might surprise you but it could be caused by the most common thing you do! It doesn’t have to take an accident or back trauma in order to experience back pain whether a dull ache or a sharp pain.

According to Arya Nick Shamie, M.D. a spokesperson of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and an associate professor of spine surgery at the University of California in L.A., “Wear and tear on your discs is cumulative – it all adds up.” See you could just be surprised one day to feel an excruciating pain on your back not knowing what caused it.

So as early as now, you should know some of the things that can cause cumulative wear and tear to your discs. One is irregular exercise. Undertaking tough exercises after being inactive for a long time can cause more bad than good. Robert S. Bray, M.D. of said that you need to strengthen your core first before embarking on high-impact sports. This way the spine will have strong muscles to support it.

If you have kids, the simple act of carrying them can also make an impact on your back. Though there’s no ideal position to carry a child, Dr. Bray said that carrying them directly on your spine is the “worst things you can do.” When you pick them up be sure to keep your shoulders over your pelvis as you bend your knees said Dr. Shamie.

Don’t slouch! This is bad for your back since it doesn’t provide adequate lumbar support. Don’t smoke! According to Dr. Bray, smoking makes the discs deteriorate faster.

Twisting or repeated rotation of the upper torso against the waist can also cause harm to the lower back. Damage won’t be immediately noticeable; instead it will manifest later in life. Getting insufficient sleep in another factor that contributes to back pain. It is only when you sleep at night that the discs hydrate again. Hydrating them is important since it is only water that nourishes them.

So, next time you experience back pain, you’ll at least have some ideas of its probable cause.

Zain Zoom