Cell Phones May Cause Low Sperm Count


If you are a guy here’s news for you, and you should take this to heart because it’s based on facts. According to a recent study, frequent use of cell phone can affect your ability to father a child. I’m not kidding. This is actually the conclusion of the study made by experts from a Cleveland Clinic. In the study they made, they found out that men who use their cell phones for more than 4 hours a day has low sperm count and the slightest visible sperm. In order words, the more time you spend on your cell, the lesser the sperm count and the higher the amount of abnormal sperm.

The study is pointing out that radiation coming from the cell phone is the culprit for the decreasing fertility in men. Putting your cell phone in near your body, in your pocket for instance, makes your body more susceptible to the radiation that may also harm the sperm. Aside from this study by the Cleveland Clinic, there have been studies of the same nature made other medical institutions over the years.

So, just a word of advice, don’t get too attached to you phone if you still have plans to go and multiply.