Buying Sunscreen? Read Those Ingredients!


Summer is just right around the corner for you folks in the northern hemisphere. Surely you’re all getting geared up for some fun and tan on the beach. But you also shouldn’t forget to guard yourself from the excessive rays of the sun by wearing the right kind sunscreen.

You probably noticed I said “the right kind of sunscreen.” But since there are lots of sunscreens available in stores these days, how will you know it’s the right one? By looking at the ingredients! You have to see if it contains the harmful ingredients like oxybenzone, octinoxate, retinyl palmitate, homosalate, octocrylene and paraben preservatives.

Most of the said ingredients are present in some chemical sunscreens that instead of protecting your skin from the harmful rays and sunburn, they actually make things worse! Maybe you’ll ask how. You see, these ingredients are absorbed by the skin and so it can lead to skin irritation and other unpleasant reactions, some even cause serious allergic reactions.

So, when you go shopping for sunscreen, be sure to read the ingredients and if what you picked contains any of the above-mentioned ingredients, better put it down and find another.